Top news Eastern Siberia: Ravil Geniatulin, Vyacheslav Nagovitsin, Buryatia

8 июля 2008 23:19

June 30 – July 6, time of change

New Government of Zabaikalie Region was formed. It will be headed by Ravil Geniatulin, the governor. Several top officials were changed in Buryatia and Irkutsk Region. Mezhegeiskoe coal deposit auction members in the Republic of Tyva are finally announced. Several people in Buryatia might be infected with anthrax. Details to come in the traditional weekly events overview at FederalPress.Ru.

New government in Zabaikalie Region

Region’s Governor Ravil Geniatulin announced members of the new government. It will be comprised of 7 deputies of the chairman of the government and 13 ministers. It will be headed by the governor himself. Svetlana Dorobalyuk is appointed Minister of Finance. Bair Galsanov is appointed Minister of Economic Development, Anatoly Seregin – Minister of Territorial Development, Aleksandr Tarabarko – Minister of Natural Resources and Ecology. Ministry of Agriculture and Food will be headed by Lyubov Gargollo, Ministry of International Cooperation, External Economic Relations and Tourism will be headed by Viktor Belozyorov. Boris Sormolotov will be Minister of Education, Science and Youth Policies, Georgy Reva will become Minister of Social Protection of Population, Galina Syrovatka is appointed Minister of Culture. Yury Konoplev is appointed Minister of Physical Education and Sports, Valery Buyanov – Minister of Labor Resources and Demographic Policies.

More appointments among officials in Buryatia

More rotation among top officials was observed in the Republic of Buryatia last week. Buryatia’s President Vyacheslav Nagovitsin appointed Tatyana Dumnova Minister of Economy. Mr. Nagovitsin also designated new representative of Buryatia in Mongolia, Vladimir Ganzhurov. Several members of the President’s consultative council were also changed.

Starting July 4 Irkutsk Region will officially become new subject of the Russian Federation. Dmitry Sheibe is appointed deputy governor on a temporal basis until the new governor for the new region is designated.  

Metallurgic Holdings competing for coal in Tyva

Mezhegeiskoe coal deposit located in the Republic of Tyva is evaluated 213,47 million tons. July 24 an auction will take place for the right of development of this deposit. There are 11 companies participating in the auction.  Although not yet officially announced, among members of the auction are OJSC Mechel, OJSC Nobolupetsky Metal Works, En+Ugol (from the holding Bazovy Element), according to Kommersant newspaper.

Mezhegeiskoe coal deposit is located near the town of Kyzyl and Elegest coal deposit, which belongs to Enisey Industrial company. Auction starting price for the Lot is 350 million rubles. Analysts predict it to grow by 10-15 times.

Episodes of ‘anthrax’ in Buryatia

Beginning of the last week was scandalized by the news from Barguzinsky area of Buryatia. It was reported several people got infected with ‘anthrax’. They were hospitalized with high fever and rash. By July 3 there were 9 people total in the hospital. Diagnosis was not confirmed at least for two patients, others still pending. The territory is currently inspected and all measurements are taken to prevent possible infection.  

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